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Rachel has studied at the Arthur Findlay College, the world’s foremost college for the advancement of spiritualism and psychic sciences in England. Through the years of her practice, she has had the honor and privilege to train and work with some of the most prominent Mediums in the United States and United Kingdom.

What is a Medium?

A medium is a person who uses their psychic abilities to communicate with people who are in the spirit world. Mediums are the mediators between those in the spirit world and those in the living. They provide a three-way communication channel: from spirit-to-medium-to-recipient.

The communicators that a medium connects with can be relatives, friends, guides or someone in spirit who knew someone connected to the recipient and wishes a message passed on to them. There are many different kinds of mediumship and most mediums use a variety of gifts in their practice. Each medium has a unique gift and method of connecting with their own spirit guides, even though they may be trained in the same basic techniques.


Clear seeing, when the medium sees with their psychic vision either subjectively (within the mind) or objectively (seen with eyes open as if the spirit were solid as you and I).


Clear hearing, when the medium hears spirit, either subjectively (within the mind) or objectively (as if someone is speaking clearly in your ear).


Clair sensing, when the medium can feel the size, personality, health problems, either chronic or what the spirit passed with.You feel the spirit within your energy field and sense both the physical shape and personality.

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The Divine Connection


Rachel’s practice is dedicated to the study of life-after-death. She empowers and encourages her clients to develop their own connection with the divine in order to hear their unique inner voice and to fulfill their own spiritual destiny that will manifest the happiness they desire without fear. Rachel has a solid reputation for being able to communicate with spirit. She provides evidential messages that are relevant, personal and detailed, thus proving the continuity of life. In her private practice located on Cape Cod, in Osterville, MA, she offers private and group readings, and hosts workshops and seminars given by top spiritual teachers and healers. As a spiritual teacher, she also instructs a variety of workshops for inspiring psychic mediums.

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“I had an AMAZING phone experience with Rachel.

She knew things that she could not have known, only me & my loved one. I know my fiancé really was communicating with us. It gave me a sense of peace that I haven’t been able to feel in the last 3 months since he passed. I cannot wait to use Rachel again in the next few months. This experience forever changed my life.”

Cortney D.

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