Frequently Asked Questions

The Dos

Please have patience during a reading. It is an effort for the spirit to communicate, and their effort needs to be acknowledged and respected. I know that you are eager to connect with your loved ones, but sometimes others from Spirit will come through first, (even pets) before the person you are looking to communicate with. Allow those other spirits the time to connect with you as well. They may have a message for another family member or neighbor or coworker that can be very healing to the person you relay the message to.

Take notes — you may take written notes during the reading. NO RECORDING of any kind is allowed. Do not record without my permission or knowledge. Some information you receive during a reading may not be recognized until later. You may need to check with other family members/friends to validate information that comes through in a session. You may not recall the information mentioned in a reading until afterwards. This is why it’s important you take notes.  I have received emails and phone calls weeks to months after a reading from clients who have validated information given after the reading has taken place.

Trust — in Spirit and me. Let go and trust the process. Do not test the process but surrender to it. Have no expectations.


Be open and focused — to not only the evidence that comes during the reading but also to the process. Not all information is literal. Mediumship and psychic readings are not an exact science.

Give me your full attention — by sitting still and remain focused on the reading only. If you are having a phone reading, please do not work, walk around or talk with others during the reading. Find a quiet place and be still during the reading for the best opportunity to receive messages.

Have good intentions — to receive whatever may come during your reading. Skeptic or not, come with good intentions to the reading.

Breathe — just relax and enjoy the information that is being delivered. I suggest you relax a few minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

The Don’ts:

Desperation — Some clients may come to a reading thinking they are open but actually have a deep sense of desperation and this can impede them from having a full experience.

Grief — Some come believing they are ready to receive a message, however, grief can impede the full experience and you may need more time to grieve to receive.

Demanding info  —  Telling Spirit what to say such as a code word prove it is really them….  Please Let your loved one take the stage and speak.

The most important thing is to be open and release all expectations. Please do not control the reading. Let Spirit take the lead. Know your level of energetic participation plays a large part in the reading, as your light and love is Rachel’s phone line to the spirit world. When someone comes in closed off or fixated on receiving specific messages, it makes it hard for Spirit to flow. What we think is important, may not be to Spirit. We ask Spirit to bring forth the best messages to assist you in healing journey, It’s important to share your energy and surrender. Connecting the two words are only a thought away.

Yes, I read for people all around the world.

Please be sure to be prepared to have your session in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed for the length of your session. Please do not walk around doing housework, tending to animals, and children etc. You can use the handset of your telephone during your session if you have one. A landline is the best, a cell phone may break in and out. If you are on a cell phone, make sure you have good reception. Speakerphones are not allowed, due to the sound distortion and can affect the quality of your session, as well as some Bluetooth headsets. Do not have your session while driving or in your vehicle. If these conditions are not met, then your session may be terminated without a refund. Having the correct environment and atmosphere for spiritual connections allows for the highest quality session.

It is recommended to wait six months between readings. If you feel you need a reading right after you just got one, this may be a sign you are in need of a healing. Rachel offers Reiki and Vibrational Sound healing with therapeutic singing bowls at her office. She also teaches a class called ‘Between Two Worlds’ where people can learn to connect with their loved ones in Spirit on their own.

In the reading, Rachel will bring forth information and asks that you respond “yes” or “no.” It is important that you acknowledge that you understand, and it makes sense. Rachel will get more information for you if you do not understand… she never changes what she gets to make it fit. Please do not feed her information as it blocks the flow of contact with Spirit, she will even stop you from doing it.

Yes, however, Rachel prefers it be towards the end of the session. You can ask any question you want, however, know Spirit may not always answer or answer in the way you want. Again, they will bring forth the most healing messages appropriate for your own healing and growth.

Because you’re in grief mode, my professional opinion would be to wait three months. However, you can come in for a healing.

Spirit always says that it’s not who you want to hear from, but who you need to hear from. Unfortunately, no medium can guarantee who will come through and what they will say.

Please respond with a yes or a no answer. By answering yes or no allows the spirit to hear your vibration and is then able to continue communicating.

Yes… You may select to have a combination of both types if you prefer. Or you can have all Mediumship for the whole session or all Psychic. Just let Rachel know before the session starts.

 What is the difference between a mediumistic reading and a psychic reading?

You may select to have a combination of both types if you prefer.

However, there are important differences between the two and whether you want to reconnect with a loved one or if you come seeking guidance about specific issues that you are experiencing in your life, then understanding and choosing the right type of session can be important .

If you would like guidance about  matters as such your career, relationships, health, finances, your life’s direction or your Spiritual path, then a psychic reading is what you want.

I will form an energetic  connection with your aura.

A psychic reading is not fortune-telling. You have free will and are in control of your choices and your life’s direction at all times.

The goal of a psychic reading is to help bring clarity to the obstacles and life challenges. For your highest and best.

If you want to connect with your loved ones who have passed into spirit then you are seeking a mediumship reading. During a mediumistic reading I raise my vibration to move my consciousness to a higher plane in order to form a connection with those who have passed into the spirit world.

As an Evidential Medium, my intention is to show evidence of the continuity of life. It is common for more than one Spirit to come through during my sessions, however, I will always do my very best to reach those you would most like to reconnect with.

People banging on drum

“I approached my first session with Rachel as a lark, something fun and silly to do, entertainment, a diversion.

What I received was stunning: an outpouring of a healing energy from a team of loved ones from beyond who are rooting for me like gangbusters. In the 60-minute session (which I highly recommend), Rachel infused me with life affirming hope. My heart melted as I received the love and wisdom of the spirit guides. Astounding accuracy on the details of my life: my hopes, struggles, desires and questions. Rachel is the real deal. I will be reaching out to her regularly for this healing and nurturing guidance.”

Brigitte Viellieu-Davis

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