“I have been fortunate enough to have seen you 3 times.

I was going through so many things at each session. Not only did you connect with loved ones that I have so longed from hearing from, but you gave relief, love, and belief to my mother. She needed to hear those things. You told us things only we would know!!!

Last year when I had visited for a medium reading and reiki healing, you told me that I was not suffering from Lyme Disease. I obviously wanted to believe that and loved your upbeat positive attitude, but after countless blood tests…the proof showed it was Lyme. However, after your Reiki healing, I felt different, enlightened, so my search for finding out what was wrong with me began.
I had breast implant illness and all of my symptoms mirrored Lyme and other autoimmune diseases. Once the implants and the capsules were removed, I was retested for Lyme and it was negative. You put me on this healing path! Your powerful words, hands, energy, and light saved me!

Another amazing coincidence, my holiday Angel from today had the message of healing! I was over joyed and my sweet beautiful Angel is sitting right on my tree!

I am so looking forward to my future and what God has in store for me. Thank you so much Rachel. My family and I will be seeing you soon!

God Bless you!”

Meghan and Helen

“I can’t thank you enough for the amazing reading today.

You allowed us to have so much closure with the passing of our loved ones. You didn’t just mention the names of our loved ones you knew the nicknames! You have a beautiful gift and we can’t wait to see you again 🙂”


“Rachel you truly have a gift and share it such a beautiful way

I have met with you twice now and am blown away – the comfort and peace I feel after leaving a reading with you is something I’ve never experienced. I have gained a sense of closure I didn’t think was possible from being able to connect with my loved ones who have passed. I recommend you often and have heard nothing but great things – looking forward to next time!!”


“Rachel, I met you today and I just want to say thank you so much I can’t tell you how accurate your reading was…

My mother-in-law was so grateful to hear about her mom coming through 🙂 and you gave me such great comfort when Kaeli came through. I will definitely be back to see you. And let you know if I am in fact pregnant thank you, Rachel.”

Krista Byron

“Rachel, Thank you very much for all the great readings yesterday.

We came into your office yesterday all six of us and you read for each of us. I have been to five other mediums and you were by far the BEST. Can’t wait to come back for another reading. You are truly blessed with a wonderful gift.”


“A shout out to Rachel for her expertise, and clairvoyance!

I have been blessed with Rachel’s intuitive knowledge twice in the last few years. Once in her Osterville office; and recently by a phone reading. Please listen when I tell you this: run don’t walk to connect with your loved one through Rachel. You will be pleasantly grateful if you’re open to spirit. I will not choose anyone other than Rachel to guide. Thank you!”

Pamela Jordan

“Just wanted to thank you for the great session on March 11. It was awesome!!

We are still talking about. You were able to connect to so many people for all of us. Several of the people there (myself included) are excited to have another session with you. The doubters are now believers. Looking forward to have another session soon!”

Hannah Downing

“Rachel, I would just like to thank you so very much for an amazing phone reading!

It is always a pleasure getting messages from my brother, husband, grandparents etc! Although, today when I called I was having trouble figuring something out. You and my loved ones gave me the best advice! I am no longer weighed down and have a very clear picture of what I should be doing! Now, I’m on my way to a new journey and I do not feel guilty or bad about it! You pinpointed so many things with such accuracy it just amazes me! I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders and can move on in the right direction!! Also, feeling grateful to have a message from my brother to me as well as my Mom! And, hearing from my husband is always very special! My Nana has recently passed and was happy to get her message! Rachel, when I called you I felt very uneasy about a few things and was an emotional mess! Without saying a word about it to you, you let me see things clearly and as I said I feel at ease with the decisions I have and am making! I feel extremely peaceful and grateful and am ready to move on! I do not have appropriate words to describe my phone reading with you so I will just say AMAZING and thank you so very much! Spot on with my messages from my loved ones!! Looking forward to a bright and happy future! You have this precious gift and anyone who is a non believer all I can say is you will never know the peace Rachel can bring with her messages until you go see her or simply pick up the phone and call for phone reading! You won’t be sorry, you’ll be nothing short of amazed! I love her and am very grateful for her gift as it has given me enormous peace in my heart and life! Thank you Rachel for all you do your the BEST!!”


“For those of you reading this testimonial… I have seen Rachel twice… both times I have been amazed and Blessed by Rachel’s unbelievable gift

I have been able to connect with BOTH of my parents and my Father in Law…this experience brought me great joy and healing… absolute proof that life is eternal and death is not the end! My friends connected with parents, grandparents, siblings, pets, husband…so unbelievable and wonderful!! Rachel was able to see problems and worries and provided insight and gentle advice and guidance in such a kind and thoughtful way…for my second visit… I brought my daughter… she was hoping to see her beloved dog. Who indeed not only came through… but was with Rachel the day before, barking.. and saying my daughters name! It was not until our session that Rachel realized who the little white dog was trying to connect to… !!! I encouraged anyone who is struggling with the passing of a loved one… or who needs spiritual help, guidance and direction.. to spend some time with Rachel… Rachel, thank you for what you do… you are a true healer!”

Marie B.

“You did a house party for me this past Saturday (4/4/15).

There were 10 of us there and the detailed knowledge you had about each of us made some of my skeptical friends complete believers. We are still talking about it and will be for a while! You are definitely the real deal and the most accurate medium/psychic I’ve ever seen.”

Elizabeth Craig

“This is our 5th year of doing a Relay for life fundraiser for Wilmington, MA.

We have done a few different types of fundraisers over the last 5 years. Last year we did a hypnotist and this year we decided to change it up a little. You were recommend to me by two friends that said you were the “REAL DEAL”. I knew I had to reach out to you as we were looking for a different type of fundraiser that would leave people wanting more.

You were a pleasure to work with from Start to finish. You were so passionate about the cause we are supporting (American Cancer Society – Relay for Life). You helped us raise over 5K for the Relay.

You gave about 6 or 7 readings during our fundraiser and you were right on. You knew details that no one could of known about. You truly have a gift! You are the “Real Deal”.

I am looking forward to the next show that I attend and I am brining my friends an family. I am hoping to be able to work with you again for another fundraiser in the future.

Thanks Again for your Support!”

Jenn, Co-Captain Sole Sistas Team

“Thank you so much for helping us with the Relay for Life fundraiser for the Sole Sistas!

We were more than excited to have you come and do a reading for the group. There were so many people who were not sure if they believed in what you do, or who were afraid to find out what you might say. After you came and shared the words of our lost loved ones with us, we got great feedback from all who came. Not only did people realize that what you do is real, there were so many who expressed interest in mediumship and wanting a personal reading.

Personally, I was nervous to hear what you might bring from the other side, and my nerves suddenly disappeared when the drummers began to play. Watching peoples reactions were incredible to me, and hearing how close you are to the spirits was just amazing. I am currently in the works to planning a trip down the cape for a weekend with some family friends, and part of our trip will be to come get personal readings from you. You touched my mind in ways I didn’t know were possible, and opened channels to people I greatly miss without even having them come through at the event. I’m hoping that they have some good things to say when I see you 1:1, and I cant wait for that day to come!

Thank you again, not only for opening the eyes of people to what you do, but for your time dedicated to Relay for Life and our fundraiser. You are such a sweet person to donate your services for the American Cancer Society and all the ladies of the Sole Sista’s appreciate how much you made our evening a success!

Thank you!!!

Kathleen Cheney

“My sister had a group reading at her house about 2 years ago, Feb. 2011, and I was one of the people you did a reading for.

The first thing you told me that I was getting ready to have another baby in the next year, and that the trouble I was having with my husband had to do with us not asking each other what we came here to accomplish with each other. Because I was having trouble with my marriage, more kids weren’t in the picture. However, after five months of counseling and lots of mutual work, I was pregnant and had a healthy beautiful baby in Feb. 2012. I thank you for preparing me for the rough journey that became smoother — just by letting me know very bluntly what you saw or heard during that reading. It helped me to make more purposeful choices to work on my marriage and reclaim my happiness. Please keep up your good work. I’m grateful to have received such help during a tough time.”


“Thank you so much for donating your time and talents to the class of 2012.

I am so grateful for your generosity and support. The money will go towards the kids senior week activities. The show was fantastic! It was such a special and unique gift that you offered to the Class of 2012 and me personally! You are very talented and you offer something to many that see you- HOPE! It means the word to us that we can “hear” from our love ones that pass over.
Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

The Class of 2012 & Patty Riley, Class Advisor

“I’ve been lucky enough to have had 3 readings with Rachel (so far) and after the first one I will ONLY be going to her in the future.

On the day that I went for my very first reading, I was missing my grandmother to the extreme and she connected with her right away. She mentioned things that nobody else would know about our relationship and was able to help me feel close to her once again. I left there feeling comfort with knowing that my grandmother still cared and was still around me and my son watching over us. Also, during that first reading she asked if I was pregnant.. to which I responded “NO”. She seemed surprised and said that she saw a “baby on its way from above”.. like, coming through the tunnel or something. Well.. a few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant! That blew my mind so of course I had to go back to see Rachel right away to find out more. She laughed when I confirmed the pregnancy and said that my grandmother had been to visit her before I arrived talking about a baby coming (which caused her client at the time confusion I’m sure since she was not pregnant) . In addition to being able to connect to loved ones and provide comfort, Rachel has great insight and offers suggestions to questions or problems that you have on your mind (without you even bringing them up). This past week I have been stressing about daycare options come fall since I will have 2 kids that need care and it’s very expensive. During my reading with Rachel yesterday, she brought up daycare and asked if I have been considering different options. I was surprised since I didn’t mention it and told her the whole story. She helped me (along with her spirit guides) to not feel bad or be afraid to make the best choice for my children. These are just a few examples of my very accurate readings with Rachel and why I look forward to the next one.”

Tracy D.

“I approached my first session with Rachel as a lark, something fun and silly to do, entertainment, a diversion.

What I received was stunning: an outpouring of a healing energy from a team of loved ones from beyond who are rooting for me like gangbusters. In the 60-minute session (which I highly recommend), Rachel infused me with life affirming hope. My heart melted as I received the love and wisdom of the spirit guides. Astounding accuracy on the details of my life: my hopes, struggles, desires and questions. Rachel is the real deal. I will be reaching out to her regularly for this healing and nurturing guidance.”

Brigitte Viellieu-Davis

“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful workshop.

It was riveting! Everyone was completely absorbed in the dialogue. I have never been anywhere where a group of over 20 women did not get up to use the bathroom with in a three hour period! In addition, given the opportunity to leave at 8:00 as scheduled, no one moved. We would love you to come back in March. I have also heard from the staff at the center that they would love to have a staff get together with you as the guest of honor. I will call you to firm up a date. Once again thank you for the tremendous effort you put forth to create an environment of safety and fun and extreme interest.”

Leslie Chizek and Annika Iliadis, Centerville Yoga and Wellness

“Rachel is absolutely amazing.

Her warm and welcoming personality makes for a fun visit each and every time. I have seen her in a group setting and as a one-on-one, each time I have left amazed by her talent. Cannot wait to see her again!”


“My family had a group reading and Rachel was not only hilarious she was amazing.

She talked about things that were so spot on it gave us chills. We highly recommend her!”


“We all have questions and Rachel’s gift helps provide the answers!

Each time I am with Rachel I am reminded that through her, the wonders of Spirit are within reach of us all. If you haven’t met Rachel and experienced her work with Spirit I can only say, what are you waiting for!”

Donna B.

“Rachel was beyond amazing.

I had heard from a lot of friends how amazing and spot on she can be, but I had no idea until I visited her how truly amazing she really is. I would recommend her a million times and I am forever thankful for my visit with her!”

Alexandra C.

“I have had anxiety for many years.

Sometimes it has even left me home bound. After my first VST and Reiki healing session with Rachel, I felt joy and I noticed that the anxiety dissipated. You wouldn’t think these bowls would do such a thing, but it truly does!! Thank You Rachel for helping me find peace you have helped changed my life. I cannot say it enough.”


“I had an AMAZING phone experience with Rachel.

She knew things that she could not have known, only me & my loved one. I know my fiancé really was communicating with us. It gave me a sense of peace that I haven’t been able to feel in the last 3 months since he passed. I cannot wait to use Rachel again in the next few months. This experience forever changed my life.”

Cortney D.

“My first time ever having a reading was with Rachel.

The experience was amazing. Rachel truly has a gift. My husband came through and she knew details that were so intimate, I was floored. There were some things that I hadn’t even uttered out loud that she knew. It brought me comfort to know he is around me. She has a lovely demeanor that puts you at ease right away. I can’t wait to go back.”

Courtney L.

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