Group Gatherings

Group Gatherings


Have Rachel Perry in your home with ten or more guests, or at her office in Osterville, MA. An intimate session that provides the opportunity for your guests to share their experiences. Rachel works individually with each member of the group, linking in with their loved ones in spirit. The sessions are highly uplifting and heartfelt — great for gatherings with family and friends.

Rachel has traveled to many locations over the past 18 years to deliver divine messages from Spirit, inspirational speaking and teaching workshops to both small and large groups. Rachel has connected hundreds of people with their loved ones in Spirit. The messages that come through bring validation, closure and healing to her clients.

Rachel will come to your home, fundraising event, or you can bring your guest to her office location in Osterville to present a two-hour Messages from Spirit event. The event, or gallery reading, will begin with a brief introduction to spirit communication followed by a short meditation. The meditation will help guests to relax and open up to receive messages from Spirit along with helping Rachel drop into a trance state of consciousness. Rachel will connect with Spirit and deliver messages to your guests.

    • Please make sure everyone’s cells phones are turned off or at least the ringer off or on vibrate.
    • Please DO NOT serve alcoholic beverages. We ask that people refrain from any alcohol or drug use. If Rachel feels unsafe due to intake of alcohol or drug use, she will leave and payment in full will be expected, no refunds. You may serve food if you would like.
    • Please provide paper and pens for your guests to take notes during the session.
    • It is a good idea to have a box or two of tissues handy.
    • Please be sure there will be no interruptions.
    • It is a very good idea to tell your guest to arrive at your location a half hour before the actual start time. This will help to ensure that all your guests are present when Rachel begins.

“My family had a group reading and Rachel was not only hilarious she was amazing.

She talked about things that were so spot on it gave us chills. We highly recommend her!”


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