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End of another wonderful workshop with talented students & beautiful hearts.
February 2020

Between Two Worlds


Between Two Worlds is Rachel’s development venue for the advancement of Mediumship and Psychic development, Spiritual Studies and Personal Development. Rachel is pleased to offer workshops, courses, and mediumship mentoring. She will also be hosting special guests throughout the year.

Rachel will offer workshops in a relaxed atmosphere and supportive learning environment. Offering classes for those of all levels from the absolute beginner to the advanced working student in Psychic and Mediumship Development and Awareness. If you are serious about your development and are looking for an education in this field, Rachel Perry’s classes are for you.

Are you ready to truly step into your power? Then join Rachel for what will be filled with discovery and enlightenment.

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“I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your wonderful workshop.

It was riveting! Everyone was completely absorbed in the dialogue. I have never been anywhere where a group of over 20 women did not get up to use the bathroom with in a three hour period! In addition, given the opportunity to leave at 8:00 as scheduled, no one moved. We would love you to come back in March. I have also heard from the staff at the center that they would love to have a staff get together with you as the guest of honor. I will call you to firm up a date. Once again thank you for the tremendous effort you put forth to create an environment of safety and fun and extreme interest.”

Leslie Chizek and Annika Iliadis, Centerville Yoga and Wellness

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